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Fat Smash is a weight loss program designed to teach dieters how to get rid of negative habits that cause overall poor health. Fat Smash is created by Dr. Ian Smith, and has been featured on a variety of news and entertainment shows.

Publicity and Reports

Dr. Smith’s Fat Smash diet has been promoted and featured on the VH1 Network’s weight loss show “Celebrity Fit Club,” where Dr. Smith also works as one of the show’s judges. Additionally, Dr. Smith provides dieters with extensive credentials, including:

  • Dr. Smith is a Harvard Graduate
  • He is a medical contributor to the ABC Network’s talk show “The View”
  • He is a writer for the medical column in Men’s Health Magazine
  • Dr. Smith sits on the board of directors for the American Council on Exercise

How Does the Fat Smash Program Work?

Dr. Smith focuses on a four phase plan to promote weight loss:

  • Phase 1 – Detox
    Dieters engage in a 9 day detox plan that limits food intake to mostly fruits and vegetables Detoxification is intended to clean out the body of impurities, while also helping one’s mindset focus more intently on healthier living. Added to this, Dr. Smith asserts that dieters can lose anywhere from 6-10 pounds during the detox phase of the program, as he also provides dieters with tips and suggestions, such as:

    • Dieters can weigh themselves in the nude to increase one’s perceived weight loss during weigh-ins, while also increasing the accuracy of one’s real weight reports
    • Dieters can have their photo taken in a bathing suit to boost motivation
    • Dr. Smith advices dieters with tips and techniques to reduce stress and stressful occurrences in one’s life
  • Phase 2 – Foundation
    After completing the detox phase, dieters can begin to reintroduce new foods into their daily eating habits. Dr. Smith teaches dieters to include new foods while monitoring portions, so dieters can eat foods such as:

    • Lean meats
    • 3-4 ounces of meat
    • Small portions of healthy sea food options

Instead of counting calories, Dr. Smith encourages dieters to monitor their potion sizes. He stresses that this is the key part of the foundation phase, which lasts for approximately 3-4 weeks.

  • Phase 3 – Construction
    During the third phase, dieters engage in a new construction of their eating plan that allows for an increase in food options and dietary variety. Here, for the course of approximately 4 weeks, dieters will learn how to incorporate favorite foods into their healthy eating plan, which can include foods such as:

    • Desserts
    • Pastas
    • Breads

Dr. Smith allows dieters to incorporate these favorite foods as he teaches dieters how to monitor portion size and moderate eating habits. By eating smaller portions, and by eating these foods in moderation, dieters can strive to live a balanced, healthy, and fulfilled life without feeling deprived.

  • Phase 4 – Temple
    In the final phase, Dr Smith encourages a lifelong approach to weight management and maintenance. Here, Dr. Smith reinforces concepts of the “sacred temple” of eating habits. He asserts that dieters must respect and honor their body in order to manage one’s health, weight, and self-confidence.
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