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Fat March is a new weight loss program airing on the ABC Network that follows 12 different overweight individuals on their paths to healthier living. Fat March begins at the starting line of the Boston Marathon and ends in Washington DC, as the contestants march over 570 miles to achieve their weight loss goals.

How Does Fat March Work?

Contestants in Fat Mach will cross over 570 miles and 9 different states while aiming to lose excess weight and improve their fitness abilities. Contestants will be guided by two personal fitness trainers, Steve Pfiester and Lorrie Henry. In addition to reaching new fitness goals, contestants will compete for a prize of nearly $1.2 million dollars. Adding to this, the Fat March program focuses on core goals and rewards, such as:

  • Team Work

To focus on issues of team work while achieving goals, Fat March contestants are able to win more money if more people finish. Essentially, the more contestants that complete the 570 mile march, the more money each person wins. If a team member, however, is holding a team back, then the group can choose to eliminate that individual. Despite this option, the choice to eliminate a team member will result in a $10,000 deduction from each competitor’s potentially earned prize money.

  • Rewards and ChallengesFat March also provides contestants with opportunities to engage in extra challenges to earn luxury rewards. Luxury rewards allow either teams or individuals to win rewards such as:
    • Spa treatments
    • Low calorie gourmet meals
    • Healthy meals prepared by a private chef
    • Deluxe accommodations to rest on their journey
    • Additional prizes to destinations such as Hawaii and Las Vegas

Background Information on Fat March

Fat March is created by the ABC producer Nick Emmerson, and is co-produced by Julie Laughlin and Kirsty Robson. The producers are working with the production company Ricochet, and the creators have based this new show on a popular British series called “Too Big to Walk.” The show will begin airing on:

  • Monday, August 6th
  • 9-10pm Eastern Time
  • ABC Television Network

Pros of Fat March

  • Dieters are taught key concepts of team work and motivation
  • Dieters are motivated by rewards and competition
  • Dieters are able to win a variety of rewards and prizes
  • Contestants are monitored by trainers and professionals
  • Contestants will learn more ways to eat healthy and incorporate exercise
  • Viewers can learn about exercise and diet trips and techniques
  • Viewers can learn new healthy and low calorie food options, as some of the rewards include menus and recipes prepared by chefs, dietitians, and food preparation professionals

Cons of Fat March

  • Viewers do not have access to the same systems of support, such as prizes, monetary rewards, and on-site personal training assistance
  • Viewers do not have the opportunity to engage in the same weight loss program, as the contestants’ activities are constant and on-going
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