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Author and fitness expert Bill Phillips has designed his program, Eating for Life, to provide dieters with information and support to boost weight loss success. Eating for Life is a book that encourages sensible eating so as to avoid the common problems that dieters encounter from yo-yo and fad diets.

How Does Eating for Life Work?

Phillips teaches dieters how to make better choices to boost long-term success. Phillips asserts that, to achieve weight loss goals, dieters must adopt an eating plan that will help dieters avoid feeling hungry throughout the day; additionally, Phillips’ plan allows dieters to incorporate a “cheat day,” where dieters can consume any foods that they prefer. Essentially, Phillips asserts that his plan is a “non-diet,” as the plan is designed to be flexible, user-friendly, and easy to follow.

Pros of Eating for Life

  • The plan is flexible and allows for a “cheat day”
  • Dieters do not feel deprived or hungry
  • Dieters are taught how to avoid hunger so that individuals do not over-eat and gain weight
  • Dieters are taught how to avoid temptations
  • Dieters are taught how to feel satisfied with healthier options
  • The eating and meal suggestions are logical and well balanced
  • Bill Phillips is a widely respected author and expert

Factors Influencing Weight Loss

According to Phillips, factors that influence weight gain and weight loss include:

  • Food choices
  • The time of day food is consumed
  • The portion size of foods

To promote weight loss success, Phillips teaches dieters how to choose better options, guides dieters with an eating schedule to avoid eating at problematic times, and also teaches dieters about portion control. Adding to this, Phillips promotes the incorporation of additional healthy habits, such as:

  • Increasing water intake to remain hydrated
  • Incorporating healthy fats into one’s diet
  • Incorporating healthier proteins into one’s diet
  • Teaching dieters how to eat throughout the day, including 3 balanced meals and 2 snacks
  • Following a healthy eating plan for 6 days a week, and allowing oneself to indulge on the 7th day, where dieters can eat whatever they would like

Food Samples

Examples of some of the foods that Phillips allows in his diet include:

  • Ice cream
  • Steak
  • Chicken Parmesan
  • Tacos

Cost of Eating for Life

Interested dieters can purchase Bill Phillips’ book, Eating for Life, either online or in bookstores. The book costs $35 in a hardcover format. Additionally, dieters can take advantage of the Eating for Life program available on The cost of the online program is approximately $5 per week.

Cons of Eating for Life

  • Phillips’ book lacks extensive fitness information
  • Although the book lacks information, consumers report that the online program has added fitness and exercise resources for support
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