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Eat Right for Your Type is a weight loss plan that teaches dieters how one’s blood type influences the way in which one’s body gains / loses weight. Developed by Dr. Peter D’Adamo, Eat Right for Your Type is available for dieters in a book format or through the program’s online website support forum.

How Does the Eat Right for Your Type Diet Work?

Dieters can engage in the Type Diet program by following four basic steps:

  • First, dieters discover which blood type they have. By enrolling in the online program, dieters can receive a self-testing kit that can provide type results within 5 minutes.
  • Second, dieters can replace and alter their daily supplement regimen to increase their intake of vitamins that will promote weight loss and overall health improvements. Specifically, dieters learn how some common ingredients in daily vitamins can be ineffective for a specific blood type’s biochemical needs.
  • Third, dieters can follow the Eat Right For Your Type book or online diet books.
  • Fourth, dieters receive more in-depth explanations of how one’s specific blood type diet program works, in addition to receiving information about the program’s origins.

Specific Eat Right for Your Type Information

Eat Right for Your Type will help dieters discover more tricks and tips for personalized weight loss success. For example, dieters who are of blood type O will discover that ingredients such as whey protein, protein powders, and teas are actually harmful to the cells of type O blood. In knowing this information, dieters can find better, and healthier, alternatives to support their personal health systems.

Supplements to Support Personal Blood Types

As Dr. D’Adamo describes nutrients and ingredients in common foods can actually be harmful to specific blood types. In fact, Dr. D’Adamo asserts that some commonly consumed and sold supplements often lack the specific nutrients that certain blood types require. To help alleviate any problems and concerns, Dr. D’Adamo has created specialized supplements to cater to each specific blood type and individuals’ needs. Dr. D’Adamo has created unique and personalized supplements that are tailored to each blood type; these supplements are said to contain high quality ingredients at a low cost for consumers.

Pros of Eat Right for Your Type

  • Dieters receive personalized information
  • Dieters are provided with specific instructions and diet strategies
  • Dieters can discover more about the foods that are both harmful and detrimental to their health and weight loss
  • Dieters are provided with a plethora of online information, in addition to a great deal of information in Dr. D’Adamo’s book

Cons of Eat Right for Your Type

  • Some dieters report that the diet is difficult to follow
  • Some of the information is reportedly confusing and difficult to understand
  • Some dieters reported no signs of weight loss results or notable health improvements
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