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Eat Better America is a free online weight loss and diet program provided by the General Mills food corporation. In working with diet and fitness experts, Eat Better America teaches dieters about health and weight loss strategies to boost dieters’ success and results.

How Does Eat Better America Work?

Eat Better America strives to support dieters by providing members with a variety of resources and tools, such as:

  • Members can join chat rooms
  • Receive articles and state of the art research information
  • Receive personalized advice
  • A variety of menus and meal options
  • Fitness advice

Eat Better America Food Choices

Eat Better America provides dieters with a variety of information on the nutritional content of foods and meals, while encouraging dieters to follow a daily food plan of 2,000 calories. Additionally, dieters are provided with recipes that include:

  • Cooking instructions
  • Prep time information
  • Cooking time information
  • Calorie and nutrition information of foods
  • Portion size information
  • Recipe tips
  • Links to user ratings and reviews of the foods and meals
  • A variety of recipe options that include high protein and vegetarian options

Recipe Samples

Eat Better America provides dieters with hundreds of healthy recipes, and even posts a section devoted to seasonally specific foods. For example, one of their fall foods is Zucchini Bread. In addition to a recipe for the bread, dieters are provided with added reasons to try out the Eat Better America Recipe, including:

  • Ingredients can be found locally and for a low cost
  • The Zucchini Bread is a healthy snack
  • The bread can be frozen and enjoyed for up to 6 months
  • Can be given to others as a holiday gift
  • Zucchini is high in potassium and low in calories
  • It’s a sneaky way for the family to eat, and enjoy, vegetables

Adding to these reasons to try their recipe, Eat Better America also provides dieters with a revised “healthier” version of the traditional Zucchini Bread recipe; the healthier version provides dieters with 21% fewer calories and 2 grams of fiber!

Exercise and Fitness

Eat Better America provides dieters with convenient and easy to access fitness tips and suggestions, including resources such as:

  • Motivation tips
  • Myths of fitness
  • Physical activity tools
  • Toning tips
  • Aerobic tips
  • Quick and easy to read articles
  • Articles that address physical activity concerns for people of all ages
  • Exercise tips for people with specific health concerns

Benefits of Eat Better America

  • Free and convenient access to tools and resources
  • Credible trusted and support of General Mills
  • Access to free coupons from General Mills food partners
  • Includes recipes with easy to follow ingredients and instructions
  • Eat Better America is both diabetic and vegetarian friendly
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