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The Eat at Ease diet is an online dietitian clinic designed to provide members with weight loss assistance and support. Developed in the United Kingdom in 2007, Eat at Ease strives to counsel dieters on an individual basis to provide expert diet advice and instruction.

How Does Eat at Ease Work?

Eat at Ease works by specifically providing dieters with food and recipe instructions. Adding to this, dieters will have access to resources such as:

  • A personalized eating plan from a dietitian
  • The promotion of a balanced diet, so dieters learn how to eat without removing large food groups or food options
  • Members will have access to the Eat at Ease Food School, where members will learn specific information on foods, food labels, and nutritional information

In addition to food and diet resources, Eat at Ease also provides members with fitness tools, including:

  • A plan to guide members with at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise
  • The 30 minutes of exercise should be implemented several times a week
  • Specific fitness and exercise instructions, information, and recommendations will be provided to each unique dieter’s goals, lifestyle, and abilities

Benefits of the Eat at Ease Diet

  • Members receive individualized and personal support
  • The diet meets USDA guidelines, so both American and British dieters can confidently engage in the program
  • The program is low-cost
  • The site provides dieters with a complimentary diet review, which includes an assessment of each dieter’s age, sex, weight, and height. With this information, dieters can find out how to engage in a specific program to support weight loss success.
  • The program also provides dieters with fitness tools and instructions
  • Eat at Ease is a long-term weight loss solution
  • All consultations can be completed conveniently from one’s home

Cons of the Eat at Ease Diet

  • Some American users report minor disconnects in words and/or communication, as the Eat at Ease company is supported by British based dietitians and experts
  • All Eat at Ease prices are presented to dieters in British Pounds, not US dollars
  • Some international credit card charges may apply

How Much Does Eat at Ease Cost?

Eat at Ease provides dieters with a variety of membership options, so as to help support dieters with diverse personal budgets. All prices are posted in British Pounds, but dieters can investigate tools to convert costs of memberships:

  • 1 Year Membership, £10 (approximately $20)
  • 1 Time e-consultation, £49.99 (approximately $100)
  • 3 Time e-consultation, £99.99 (approximately $200)

The Eat at Ease Program is committed to supporting all dieters in a variety of areas; therefore, prior to paying for a membership, dieters can take advantage of the Eat at Ease complimentary personalized evaluations.

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