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The Duke Diet is a weight loss and fitness program designed to provide dieters with online support and tools for assistance. Developed in 1969, The Duke Diet and Fitness Center, located near Duke University in North Carolina, has worked as an establishment boosting individuals’ weight loss and health goals. Today, individuals around the world can access the benefits of The Duke Diet online.

How Does the Duke Diet Work?

The Duke Diet’s online program focuses on four specific components:

  • A personalized diet
  • A fitness routine
  • Behavioral strategies
  • Medical expertise

Members will receive weight loss tools for support, including resources such as:

  • Daily meal plans from over 400 recipes
  • Messages of support and encouragement
  • A personalized exercise program, including routines and instructions
  • Advice from Duke Diet experts
  • Advanced information on weight loss research and studies
  • An interactive weight tracker
  • Access to an online community

Benefits of the Duke Diet

  • A variety of online tools for support
  • Research supports that dieters engaged in online programs report more successful weight loss and fitness results and programs
  • Dieters are able to find out specific meal and exercise information
  • Dieters can communicate with other members and ask professional experts specific fitness questions

How Do I Start the Duke Diet?

Dieters can sign up for The Duke Diet by visiting the program’s website, available at www.thedukediet.com Once enrolled, dieters will follow a specific program to begin to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals:

  • First, dieters will engage in a free Duke Diet Evaluation
    • Goals will be assessed
    • A customized plan will be evaluated and reviewed
    • Each dieter will receive individualized charts, graphs, and information for guidance and support
  • Second, dieters will receive a customized diet and fitness routine
    • Dieters will be provided with specific food options from hundreds of recipes
    • Dieters will also receive step by step fitness instructions, including exercises that can be done from home
  • Third, members will have access to experts for consultation
    • Renounced Duke University experts are able to provide dieters with specific and personal answers to many frequently asked weight loss and fitness questions
    • Experts are qualified in areas of nutrition, fitness, behavioral health, and general medicine / medical fields of research and practice
  • Fourth, dieters will log on to view their success and results
    • Dieters can use the diverse tools of the online website to track and record weight loss, while also journaling in the personal log to monitor accomplishments
    • Dieters can also communicate with fellow members on message boards to find more tips and tools for motivation and support.

Cost of the Duke Diet

The Duke Diet costs $4 per week, and members are billed quarterly, every 13 weeks ($52 per quarter). Dieters may cancel their membership at any time, and can also receive a refund for any unused portion of the program.

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