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All college freshmen hear rumors of the dreaded “freshman 15,” as students traditionally gain weight during their first few years of college, The Dorm Room Diet is designed to provide students with healthy tips and techniques to live a healthy lifestyle after fleeing one’s parental nest. Written by Daphne Oz, the author has designed her diet book to incorporate her own experiences from living away from home while in college so as to personally, affordably, and realistically provide students with a variety of tips, research, and information.

How Does The Dorm Diet Work?

Oz aims at offering students simple lifestyle plans and suggestions to sustain a happier and healthier life while learning to survive away from home. Oz challenges students to focus on nutritious foods and choices, even when most students conform to habits that may be harmful to one’s health and wellness. Oz strives to make the program easy-to-use and follow, as her book contains a variety of information, such as:

  • How to maintain a diet without counting calories
  • How to choose from a variety of healthy foods
  • How to sustain healthy lifestyle choices while in college
  • How to incorporate effective exercises to sustain fitness and wellness

In further exploring Daphne Oz’s tips and strategies, she offers specific suggestions, such as:

  • Always eat breakfast
  • Eat every three hours, including small snacks between meals
  • Do not eat two hours before bedtime
  • Bring healthy snacks to classes and study sessions
  • Spend three days at the gym each week doing cardio exercises
  • Skip foods that may potentially be addictive

Daphne Oz’s Background

In writing The Dorm Diet, Daphne Oz not only included information and details from her own collegiate experience, but she also draws upon the knowledge from being raised by her famous father, Dr. Mehmet Oz. Frequently featured on Oprah, while also having written a variety of his own diet books, Mehmet and Daphne strive to educate the everyday individual on ways to live a healthier and happier life.

Pros of The Dorm Room Diet

  • The book specifically caters to the needs and demands of college students
  • The book does not force consumers to count calories or drastically alter their eating habits
  • The diet promotes the incorporation of fitness activities and exercises
  • The diet book is affordable, accessible, and easy to follow
  • Daphne Oz is a qualified writer and incorporates her own humor and personality into the text

Cons of The Dorm Room Diet

  • Some consumers may struggle to follow all of Oz’s suggestions, such as avoiding unhealthy, but often widely and cheaply available, snacks and conveniences
  • Many students may not be able to follow all of Oz’s suggestions for healthy eating, as students are subjected to limited options in a dorm cafeteria
  • Some students may struggle to follow all of the strategies due to budgetary constraints
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