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As one of the most popular online weight loss resources, provides members with information and support to help guide individuals towards achieving weight loss success.

The Program is designed to be a long-term weight loss support system. To achieve individualized support and advice, members begin the program by filling out a Personality Type Diet Questionnaire. Based on results from the questionnaire, dieters receive a customized diet plan including tools such as:

  • Meal ideas
  • Fitness guidelines and tips
  • Specific nutrition information
  • Tips for including favorite foods into healthy eating plans
  • Dining-out and restaurant guide
  • Motivational emails and support
  • Professional advice on exercise and overall health and well-being

Benefits of

  • The program focuses on long-term success
  • Members are able to focus and maintain goals by using progress tracking tools
  • Plans are customized to accommodate unique and individual lifestyles
  • Customer service is available for additional help
  • Individuals are able to take the Personality Diet Test free when they sign up and Nutrition provides members with explanations and information on specific foods that can help promote weight loss. Additionally, incorporates healthy meal options and menu plans into each member’s program based on information from their Personality Test. Added to this, members are able to access over 1,000 recipes that are categorized according to the type of food, meal, and nutritional content. and Exercise

Members will receive a personalized exercise program designed to meet the needs of each individual’s personal body measurements and fitness abilities. The resources also instruct individuals by providing guidelines on how often to work out, and when to incorporate specific activities. Using the website tools, members will be able to learn about various exercises such as:

  • Cardiovascular activities
  • Strength training exercises
  • Flexibility training Tracking, Progress, and Tools

To help members track progress and monitor goals, members can take advantage of tools such as:

  • Body measurement tracker
  • Personal online diet profile
  • Progress assessment calculator
  • Community blogs
  • Weight loss team challenges Convenience

While is a resource available for members 24/7, this website has additional features to enhance its convenience. posts weekly pod casts which cover a variety of health, diet, and wellness topics. Members can even download the pod casts to their MP3 or IPOD. Research and Support

Information and articles provided by come from various health and fitness experts. Added to this, the program is used by Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s Wellness Institute. Based on clinical studies, the program has helped Northwestern Wellness patients lose 15-20% of their body weight, and has also helped these patients keep their weight off for up to one year or longer.

How do I Join

Individuals can join by visiting their website and entering the required information. The cost of a membership is less than $10 per month.

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