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Diet Bug is a comprehensive weight loss program designed specifically for women. Diet Bug’s online resources are free, and are intended to help support and guide women by informing members of proper nutrition, healthy eating, and effective exercise.

The Diet Bug Online Program

The Diet Bug website provides members with a variety of weight loss tools, such as:

  • Customized meal plans
  • Meal planning instructions and guides
  • Hundreds of healthy recipes
  • An extensive food database with nutritional information on over 40,000 products and foods
  • Tools to monitor tabs and progress
  • Online journal
  • Body Mass Index calculator (BMI)
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Exercise and fitness information
  • Flexible eating plans
  • Advice from experts

Diet Bug and Healthy Eating

To help members choose healthy foods, Diet Bug offers hundreds of recipes and meal plans. For individuals who do not want to bother with counting calories or keeping track of any type of food “point” system, Diet Bug’s menus are pre-planned to incorporate specifically appropriate nutritional content for each dieter. Added to this, members can easily navigate Diet Bug’s “food search” database to find out the specific nutritional and calorie content of over 40,000 foods. Using this tool, along with other nutrition resources on the site, dieters are able to easily and successfully monitor individual caloric and dietary intake so as to achieve weight loss goals and results.

Benefits of Body Bug

  • The Body Bug resource is free
  • Members only need to provide basic information, such as weight, height, age, name, and email address
  • Members are provided with a variety of nutrition and fitness information
  • Members are provided with online support and motivation

Body Bug Tips and Tricks

Body Bug also provides members with specific diet tricks and tips, such as:

  • How to choose healthy frozen pizzas
  • How to boost weight loss by incorporating more water into one’s daily beverage intake
  • How to find satisfying snacks with fewer calories

Cons of Body Bug

  • Individuals cannot explore the website until they have signed up
  • Individuals cannot find out specific recipe information unless they are registered members
  • The site is designed primarily for women, and does not cater to men’s weight loss goals or strategies

Diet Bug and Exercise

In addition to a plan of healthy eating, Diet Bug also encourages members by providing customized fitness plans. Members can take advantage of Diet Bug’s various fitness benefits, such as:

  • Interactive exercise planner
  • Printable exercises and guides
  • Predetermined exercise routines
  • Instructions and fitness information

New Tools and Resources

In addition to its current resources, Diet Bug is also developing new tools and resources for members, such as:

  • Diet Blog
  • RSS Feed with DietBuzz information
  • Phone coaching for interactive support
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