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For individuals suffering with diabetes, or for those who are at risk for diabetes, the Diabetic Living Diet provides individuals with information on how to live a healthier life. This online program contains resources about nutrition, diet, recipes, and much more.

The Diabetic Living Diet Online Resource

The Diabetic Living Diet was created by Diabetics Living and Diabetics Living Magazine. Members in the Diabetic Living program are able to monitor their health and progress by taking advantage of tools such as:

  • Monitor and assess weight goals
  • Use the interactive weight tracker for weekly progress results
  • Receive a diabetic analysis
  • Customized meal plans
  • Food and shopping lists
  • Portion requirements and guidelines
  • Over 500 recipes
  • Discover information from certified diabetes educators
  • Interact with online community support
  • Receive a one-year subscription to Diabetic Living Magazine

How Does the Diabetic Living Diet Work?

The Diabetic Living Diet helps members maintain or lose weight by teaching individuals about nutrition and healthy eating. The diet has mapped out and pre-researched meal plans and menu options designed specifically to help individuals with diabetes to eat well without negatively impacting blood sugar and insulin levels. By following a healthy eating and nutrition plan, individuals with diabetes can lower their blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and potentially cut back on diabetic medications. To achieve results, members must simply follow the eating guidelines and log in their information each week. Progress will be recorded, tracked and monitored so dieters can easily view results.

Diabetic Living Food and Recipes

As the Diabetic Living Diet provides members with information on food and nutrition, it also helps guide members with cooking instructions and recipes as well. Dieters are able to use the customized meal plans and recipes that have been tested for quality and taste by the Better Homes & Gardens Test Kitchen.

Benefits of the Diabetic Living Diet

  • The website is interactive and engaging
  • Tools help members receive unique analyses and risk assessments
  • Recipes are tested and easy to follow
  • Members receive a complimentary membership to Diabetic Living Magazine
  • Information is provided by certified diabetic professionals
  • Tools help members monitor progress, weight loss, and goals
  • Meal planners help dieters avoid the complications of counting calories
  • Cons of the Diabetic Living Diet
  • The Diabetic Living Diet does not promote or inform members of specific exercise programs
  • Members must self-monitor their eating in order to achieve results

Fitness and Exercise

The Diabetic Living Diet does not provide dieters with information on exercise or fitness. It is suggested, however, that members continue with their regular workout routine as they follow the nutrition guidelines and recipes from the website.

How do I Join the Diabetic Living Diet?

Individuals can become a member of the Diabetic Living Diet program by signing up at their website, availed at http://www.diabeticlivingdiet.com The cost of the program is just $4 per week.

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