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Written by Wendy Chant, Crack the Fat Loss Code is a weight loss book designed to help guide dieters toward a new lifestyle plan that will support long-term and efficient weight loss.

The Fat Loss Code Philosophy

Wendy Chant claims that dieters following her Crack the Fat Loss Code plan can lose up to twenty five pounds in eight weeks. This diet plan is designed to be a long-term approach to weight loss, as Chant strives to teach dieters how to “outsmart” their body’s natural cycles for both burning and storing fat and calories. Crack the Fat Loss Code also claims that dieters will receive benefits such as:

  • A reprogrammed body
    Fat will be burned off and stay off
  • Dieters will feel healthy and not deprived
    Dieters can choose from limitless food options
  • Overcome weight loss plateaus
    Dieters will be able to lose weight permanently


Chant teaches readers about methods for boosting the body’s metabolism through a process referred to as “macro-patterning.” This process encourages readers to follow an easy routine that involves alternating “carb-up” and “carb-down” days. Each day has its own food requirements, and the days are rotated through the course of four phases. Each phase is designed to focus on five key factors:

  • Protect and support muscle
  • Level the body’s blood sugar
  • Establish an energy deficit
  • Stimulate the production of heat
  • Alter energy stores

Exercise and Recipes

Chant provides readers with guidelines for eating in addition to specific menu plans. Her menus are designed to be low carb, so many of the ingredients include items such as lean poultry, fish, and other lean meats. Added to this, Crack the Fat Loss Code also includes information on exercises and effective physical activities to stimulate weight loss.

  • Benefits of Crack the Fat Loss Code
  • Endorsed by various medical experts and nutritionists
  • Encourages long-term weight loss results
  • Is not a “fad diet”
  • Includes “cheat days,” so dieters can still occasionally indulge in favorite foods
  • Affordable and available online or in bookstores
  • Wendy Chant is a qualified nutrition and fitness expert
  • The diet is flexible and easy to follow
  • Dieters do not need to count calories
  • The book provides readers with scientific information about how the body functions and stores fat

Cons of Crack the Fat Loss Code

  • Many of the recipes include meat, and are not vegetarian friendly
  • The diet may be difficult to follow beyond the designated and described eight week program
  • The diet and menus restrict carbohydrates

Wendy Chant

Author Wendy Chant is has an extensive background in health and nutrition, including related experiences such as:

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Specialist in Performance Nutrition
  • Bachelors of Science in Medical and Nutrition Science
  • Champion Body Builder
  • Owner of a training center, “ForeverFit,” since 1998
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