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Creator of The Beverly Hills Diet, Judy Mazel, originally published her weight loss book in 1981.  Recently, the diet book has been re-released under the title The New Beverly Hills Diet. This diet aims to promote weight loss by altering the enzymes consumed in one’s diet.

How does it Work?

Mazel asserts that the body needs enzymes found in specific foods in order to digest items properly.  According to Mazel’s book, when food is not digested properly, the body turns un-properly digested foods into stored fat.  To promote proper digestion, the Beverly Hills Diet focuses on a core principal of combining appropriate foods, known as “conscious-combining.”

What Can I Eat on the Beverly Hills Diet?

The main food group in this diet is fruit, and the diet rotates so that consumers have “fruit only” days, followed by “vegetable only” days, and so forth.  During the first ten days of the diet, consumers will mostly consume fruit, and may not consume any meat until around the 19th day of the diet.  On an average day, a dieter on The Beverly Hills plan should expect to consume only 800 calories.

Sample Menu from the Beverly Hills Diet:

  • Breakfast
    • A small serving of prunes or fruit
  • Lunch
    • A second serving of fruit, such as strawberries
  • Dinner
    • A baked potato or another similar vegetable
  • Fluids
    • Individuals can consume water, coffee, and/or tea

Potential Problems with the Beverly Hills Diet

  • It reduces one’s caloric intake to a potentially dangerous level
  • Many of the meal options are low in protein
  • The theory of enzymes is unproven
  • The concept that poorly digested foods leads to stored fats has not been studied extensively
  • Many consider this diet to be unsustainable for long-term success
  • Many individuals experience weight-gain after resuming a normal eating habit after the diet

How is the New Beverly Hills Diet Different?

The new version of Mazel’s original plan now comes with added supplements and new diet revisions to help promote and sustain weight loss, such as:

  • A day-to-day support system
  • A hand-holding guide for daily interaction
  • The program meets the United States Senate Committee’s recommendations for a balanced weekly diet
  • The new diet also allow consumers to eat from all food groups, including animal meats / proteins

What Can I Eat on the New Beverly Hills Diet?

While the original diet mostly includes fruits and some vegetables, the new version allows for a greater variety of foods, such as:

  • Baked potato with butter
  • Steak
  • Shrimp
  • Salad with dressing or oil
  • Alcoholic beverages

Included in The New Beverly Hills Diet book are 21 different meal options, so many find the newer version to be easier to follow and more sustainable, as more foods are permitted for consumption.

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