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The Banana Diet is one of the most popular diets in Japan, as it suggests that individuals can lose weight without adhering to strict guidelines. If dieters enjoy bananas and struggle to follow rules and calorie counting restrictions, The Banana Diet is potentially ideal!

What is the Banana Diet?

The Banana Diet asserts that individuals, by simply consuming bananas in the morning, can lose weight with no pain or effort. To adhere to The Banana Diet, individuals simply follow these instructions:

  • Eat as many bananas as one desires in the morning
  • After consuming bananas in the morning, dieters can eat whatever they want all day long
  • Dieters cannot consume any food / calories after 8pm

How Does the Banana Diet Work?

There is no information on clinical studies or research to support the claims of The Banana Diet. In fact, most nutritional experts assert that this diet is simply a gimmick or “fad” diet, designed to coax individuals into effortless weight loss trends.

Nutritional experts tend to agree that The Banana Diet is ineffective due to the fact that bananas are actually quite high in sugar and low in fiber compared to other fruits. By consuming foods with sugar, the body actually converts the unused sugar into fat; therefore, high sugar foods can lead to weight gain. In addition, studies show a high fiber diet can promote healthy weight loss.

As a result of these findings, the nutritional content of the banana is not typically considered to be the most healthy fruit choice.

Secrets of the Banana Diet

Although experts assert that The Banana Diet is just a gimmick, there are principals behind this diet that may actually stimulate weight loss. For example, based on reports, individuals who eat breakfast tend to weigh less than those who do not. Consequently, if an individual adhering to the banana diet begins to eat breakfast, when he or she previously did not, then the habit of eating in the morning can help the body to burn off fat.

Additionally, studies also show that eating late in the evening, especially prior to sleeping, leads to weight gain. With The Banana Diet’s guidelines to stop eating at 8pm, the body will be less prone to store calories / foods as body fat by abstaining from eating late in the day.

Cons of the Banana Diet

  • There are no studies or clinical trials to support the claims of The Banana Diet’s effectiveness
  • Bananas are high in sugar and low in fiber
  • Individuals may struggle to abstain from eating late in the evening, especially if a dieter has an addiction to food or an addiction to food-related behaviors / patterns
  • Dietary experts assert that alternative fruits tend to be healthier than a banana (the banana is not necessarily the healthiest fruit option)
  • Many assert that this diet is a “fad” or trend
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