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Baby Fit

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Baby Fit is a popular and free online program that is designed to help both pregnant and new mothers manage their fluctuating weight and health during or after pregnancy.

How does Baby Fit Work?

Baby Fit’s online resource, available at, is an interactive community of a variety of members.  Members include individuals such as:

  • Expectant mothers / pregnant women
  • New mothers
  • Physicians
  • Psychologists
  • Dietitians
  • Personal trainers

Information for Expectant Mothers

For women who are still pregnant, Baby Fit’s online program is designed to help educate women about maternity nutrition and proper diet.  In addition to health information, expectant mothers can take advantage of resources such as:

  • A pregnancy weight tracker
  • Baby name articles / resources
  • Pregnancy calendars
  • Message boards

Information for New Mothers

For women who are post-partum, Baby Fit has resources that allow new mothers to learn about healthy choices for their bodies and their new baby.  Resources for new mothers include:

  • Exercise plans
  • Recipe / menu options
  • Message boards
  • Post-delivery articles / references

Additional Online Information

In addition to specific information regarding health and pre or post-partum topics, Baby Fit also has additional free resources, such as:

  • Tips and suggestions for specific parenting / pregnancy issues
  • Articles regarding parenting / health / pregnancy
  • Links to related websites
  • Tools for organization, planning, or other parenting needs
  • Demonstrations of exercises for pregnant and post-partum women
  • Grocery lists
  • Personalized meal and health plans

Mommy Teams

Another added feature for new or expecting mothers is Baby Fit’s “Mommy Teams” program.  “Mommy Teams” are ways in which women can become more involved in the Baby Fit community, as women can either create their own teams, or join already existing teams.  Teams are designed to provide women with opportunities to interact based on personalized or specific needs, as each team has its message board forum.  Each “Mommy Team” is categorized based on the team’s specific topic.  Members of Baby Fit can either join Public or Private “Mommy Teams.”

  • Public Mommy Teams
    • Public Teams are open to any Baby Fit member.  Members can join without permission or invitation, and can read and respond to posts made on message boards.
  • Private Mommy Teams
    • Private Teams are not open to all members, as individuals must be invited by the specific “Mommy Team” in order to join.  Only approved and private members may view and respond to these message boards.

How Do I Become a Baby Fit Member?

To become a Baby Fit member, individuals can sign up at their website. As the online resource is free, individuals do not have to pay, and do not need to provide any personal financial information, such as a credit card.  When joining, individuals may choose the specific topics of interest while personalizing their information plans.

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