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Dr. Atkins’ original diet, The Atkins Diet, was established in the late 1970s.  Recently, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Stuart Trager and Atkins spokeswoman Colette Heimowitz developed a revised Atkins plan, known as The Atkins Advantage.  While the original Atkins Diet focused on four distinct phases, The Atkins Advantage focuses on the core principals of the original plan, while promoting the concept of a new 12-week program.

How does it Work?

During digestion, the body converts carbohydrates into sugars.  These sugars can cause a rise in insulin levels, and can also lead to an increase in stored body fat.  As a result, The Atkins Diet and The Atkins Advantage encourages dieters to abandon, or severely limit, their carbohydrate intake, while increasing their protein intake.  When carbs are reduced drastically, the body is able to stabilize its blood sugar levels while getting rid of stored body fat.

The Three Components of the Atkins Advantage

During the 12 week program, dieters focus on three different components:

  • Nutrition

Similar to The Atkins Diet, the Atkins Advantage provides dieters with a nutrition guide of “favorable” and “non-favorable” foods.

  • Fitness

For dieters following The Atkins Advantage diet book, individuals are provided with an instructional fitness manual.  The manual includes illustrated stretching, cardio, and strength training plans.  The variety of activities allows dieters to practice new forms of exercise to help promote weight loss.

  • Psychology

In addition to nutrition and fitness information, The Atkins Advantage focuses on motivation and a positive approach to weight loss, to help aid dieters in their maintained focus and achievement of weight loss success.

Food and Recipe Plans

For dieters following The Atkins Advantage diet book, 12 weeks of daily meal plans and recipes are provided.  Each recipe has a varying level of carbohydrates, so dieters are provided with flexible the meal options.

Pros of the Atkins Advantage

The program is only 12 weeks long; many dieters find that the shorter term time-frame is easy to follow

  • Dieters may feel less restricted in their food choices, as high-fat and high-protein foods can still be consumed
  • Since protein allows the body to feel fuller longer, many dieters do not feel deprived
  • The decrease in carbohydrates stabilizes blood sugar levels, so many individuals report feeling higher energy levels
  • The diet tends to be affordable / within a standard food budget
  • Dieters often have a relatively easy time eating out or enjoy restaurant foods

Cons of the Atkins Advantage

  • Some dieters struggle to drastically reduce their carbohydrate intake
  • Many healthy carbohydrates, including fruits and starchy vegetables, must be abandoned during portions of the diet
  • The consumption of carbohydrates allows the brain to function more optimally, so some dieters report feeling less able to focus and stay on task while only eating a high-carb diet.
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