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According to The American Heart Association (AHA) and their No-Fad Diet, the gimmicks, tricks, and magic formulas commonplace in the majority of available diet plans are ineffective schemes that are not designed to promote healthy and sustainable weight loss.  With this no-fad diet, the AHA provides users with tools to personalize weight-loss strategies that can be easily incorporated into unique lifestyles.

The No-Fad Philosophy

The AHA diet asserts that individuals must set realistic goals while designing a plan of action.  Planning helps dieters stay committed and achieve success.  And according to the American Heart Association’s President, Dr. Robert Eckel, the No-Fad Diet works in conjunction with the AHA as a partner for success, helping individuals lose weight and keep it off.

Circles of Success

To successfully lose weight on their program, the AHA promotes circles of success, which are designed to personalize fitness plans for unique individuals and lifestyles.  As individuals work towards their personal goals, the circles of success will overlap.  The AHA asserts that dieters must focus on all three circles in order to achieve success and results.

The circles of success focus on three features:

  • Think Smart
    • The Think Smart circle focuses on the concept that planning, not willpower, will lead to success.  This circle encourages dieters to plan day-to-day activities in order to modify negative behaviors.
  • Eat Well
    • The No-Fad Diet’s approach to eating is straight forward, as the program asserts that in order to lose weight, individuals must simply take in less calories.  The program encourages dieters to make a long-term commitment to choosing healthier foods, while also helping individuals establish a plan for cutting back on extra calories.  The AHA designed the plan so that dieters are able to engage in a smooth transition from their current eating habits to their newer and healthier lifestyle.
  • Move More
    • According to research and healthcare professionals, diet alone is not a strong enough component to achieve weight loss success.  According to reports, the greatest indicator of an individual’s weight loss or weight gain is dependent upon their willingness to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives.  The No-Fad Diet provides users with tips and exercise plans to implement successful activities into one’s lifestyle. 

Pros to the No-Fad Diet

  • Information is supported by the American Heart Association
  • The diet promotes long-term success
  • The diet is safe and effective, if followed appropriately
  • Information is available in the AHA’s book, The No-Fad Diet, which makes the plan affordable and accessible
  • The diet includes an interactive website with information and resources
  • The resources also include information about how to pass along wellness information to one’s children and family
  • The program provides sustainability plans, so that dieters can follow guides for long-term focus and success

The diet focuses on individual planning, so dieters can customize and schedule according to their unique daily schedules and lifestyles.

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