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Adele Puhn, author of the book The 5 Day Miracle Diet, writes about her health philosophy and believes that the key to weight loss is timing.  Puhn claims that her diet plan helps individuals lose weight by stabilizing blood sugar levels in just five days.

How does it Work?

Puhn describes how to curb appetite cravings by teaching individuals how to constantly maintain blood sugar levels.  If blood sugar levels are even and level, then the body will experience less energy spikes and crashes after eating, which often leads individuals to crave sugary foods in order to gain instantaneous energy kicks.

The 5 Day Miracle Diet provides users with information on how to decrease cravings for sugars, starches, caffeine, and alcohol, by eliminating them from the diet.  As a result, Puhn asserts that dieters will lose weight while feeling more energized and less lethargic. According to Puhn, the two major causes of blood sugar spikes and obesity/poor health are:

  • The timing of when one eats
  • The foods that one eats

What Does the Book Include?

While the book contains information and various recipes, The Five Day Miracle Diet also includes tools such as:

  • A daily food and wellness journal
  • Weekly assessments to keep track of progress
  • Monthly check-ins to keep track of weight loss success
  • Tips for eating at restaurants
  • Advice for maintaining healthy eating on holidays and special occasions
  • Shopping and kitchen-stocking lessons

Foods and Recipes for Dieters

While Puhn describes information on the body and how it works, she also incorporates a variety of recipes into her book, which are designed to stabilize blood sugar levels and promote weight loss.  Her recipe philosophies include timed menu options, which include:

  • Breakfast
    • Dieters will eat a serving of protein and starch
    • Two hours later, dieters will eat a snack, such as a fruit or vegetable
  • Lunch
    • Dieters will eat a serving of protein and vegetables
    • Lunch is followed up with a snack, such as a high-sugar fruit
  • Dinner
    • Dieters will eat a serving of protein and vegetables
    • Each day dieters add a small portion of whole grains to their dinner menu, which may include options such as starchy vegetables, beans, or potatoes

Added Tips and Tricks

In addition to information and a menu plan, Puhn also provides readers with fast rules and tips to help achieve weight loss goals quickly.  For example, Puhn advocates that individuals should eat breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up, and should always eat lunch prior to 1pm.  Also, dieters should finish dinner by no later than 7pm.  Added to this, some of the foods that Puhn asserts should be avoided include:

  • Yogurt
  • Bagels
  • Bananas

Potential Cons to the Plan

While Puhn’s book is affordable and fairly easy to incorporate into one’s lifestyle, she does not address issues of exercise, which also helps aid in weight loss.  Also, some consumers complain of weight-gain after abandoning the rules of the diet, once dieters began consuming some of Puhn’s “forbidden foods” from her plan.  As such, some assert that Puhn’s plan is a short-term weight loss solution, and is often too restrictive of foods, and is overly restrictive of caloric intake.

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