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Nuphedragen is a weight loss product designed to provide consumers with high performance results. Dieters seeking an aggressive weight loss product will receive weight loss support and assistance with an implementation of Nuphedragen into their daily diet and exercise regimen.

What is Nuphedragen?

Manufacturers of Nuphedragen argue that the human brain is constantly battling against good and bad health and diet choices. According to creators of the drug, the brain’s hypothalamus is the source of this struggle, as this is where the satiety center is found. The manufacturers explain this good vs. evil struggle by comparing the combat to CART vs. NPY.

  • What is CART?
    Cart is the “good” side, as this represents how the stimulation of CART in the brain boosts metabolism, reduces feelings of hunger, reduces food cravings, and boosts insulin levels while providing the body with energy.
  • What is NPY?
    NPY is considered to be the “bad” side, as it represents a stress hormone that causes the brain to shift hunger chemicals and signals into an increased overdrive. When NYP is increased, the body’s metabolism decreases, the body temperature drops, and feelings of hunger and food cravings are boosted.

Nuphedragen has been designed to stimulate the CART levels while blocking the NPY levels. Ultimately, manufacturers assert that, with this assistance, dieters will be able to more effectively fight off food cravings, obesity, and weight issues.

What are Nuphedragen’s Ingredients?

Nuphedragen is a diet product that contains active ingredients to provide consumers with weight loss and dietary support. Nuphedragen contains ingredients such as:

  • DiCaffeine Malate
    This ingredient is similar to caffeine, as it provides consumers with increased energy and focus, while also providing consumers with the weight loss benefits of a chemical stimulant. DiCaffieine Malate is a multi-dimensional ingredient that utilizes a powerful combination of natural caffeine with Malic Acid to increase the potential energy benefits, while also stimulating the body’s thermogenic and calorie burning processes.
  • Chocamine
    Chocamine is a derived extract from cocoa. According to manufacturers, Chocamine helps stimulate the weight loss process, as it contains beneficial vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Phenylethylamine
    This ingredient is found in chocolate and cocoa-based products, as it has been known to boost feelings of happiness and well being. Phenylethylamine connects with neurotransmitters that are responsible for the delivery of dopamine and adrenaline, which are responsible for boosted stamina and mood. Manufacturers assert that this ingredient helps support dieters with increased feelings of motivation as they continue on their diet and exercise program.
  • Synephrine
    Synephrine stimulates a thermogenic process in the body, which enables the body to burn off extra calories more quickly and efficiently. Synephrine is essentially a strong stimulant, as it provides consumers with boosted metabolism and energy. Some reports reveal that Synephrine provides consumers with benefits similar to that of the once popular weight loss ingredient, ephedra.
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