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NanoSLIM is a diet supplement that is intended to provide consumers with weight loss support. Claimed to be the smallest pill available for consumers, NanoSLIM contains an active ingredient to stabilize blood sugar levels while supporting dieters as they reach their goals.

How Does NanoSLIM Work?

NanoSLIM contains an active ingredient called corosolic acid. This element stabilizes the body’s glucose levels. With stabilized glucose / sugar levels, the body is able to maintain energy levels, burn stored fat, and process foods more efficiently. Adding to this, NanoSLIM provides the body with the ability to move glucose into muscle tissues; with this benefit, the body is more able to convert energy, instead of store added fat.

In addition to corosolic acid, NanoSLIM contains additional ingredients, such as dyes and starches. However, NanoSLIM also contains added natural plant-based key ingredients, such as:

  • Lagerstroemia speciosa L
  • Cha’ de bugre extract
  • Green coffee extract
  • Thallus powder

Benefits of NanoSLIM

  • The creators of NanoSLIM promote a program of healthy eating and exercise
  • NanoSLIM provides consumers with clinical studies and research for support and information
  • Consumers may lose an average of approximately 10 pounds during two months of the NanoSLIM weight loss plan
  • Consumers should be able to safely and effectively lose weight
  • Consumers only need to take NanoSLIM once per day to experience results

NanoSLIM and Studies

To study its effectiveness, NanoSLIM was evaluated in an 8 week study. During this study, researchers discovered the following results:

  • Over the period of two months, consumers of NanoSLIM were able to lose an average of 10.6 pounds
  • To experience these results, consumers of NanoSLIM also had to maintain a healthy eating regimen, while also adhering to a program of exercise

Cons of NanoSLIM

  • Creators of NanoSLIM do not provide extensive research and information for consumer review and evaluation
  • NanoSLIM contains filler ingredients, such as dyes and starches
  • NanoSLIM has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration
  • Although NanoSLIM promotes a program of diet and exercise, the manufacturers do not provide consumers with specific diet and/or exercise information for support
  • The 8 week trial reported effective weight loss results in NanoSLIM consumers; however, these results were paired with a program of diet and exercise. As a result, the impact of NanoSLIM alone on weight loss is relatively unsupported.
  • The side effects and prescription interactions of NanoSLIM are generally unknown
  • Individuals under 18 years of age and/or who are pregnant and/or nursing should not take NanoSLIM

How Much Does NanoSLIM Cost?

Consumers can purchase NanoSLIM online. As consumers only need to take one NanoSLIM pill per day, a bottle of the product should last a full month. Although prices and promotions may vary, a NanoSLIM 30-count supply generally costs $30.

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