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Myoffeine is boasted as the world’s first and only effective fat-burner designed specifically to benefit men. Myoffeine is intended to help men burn fat and lose weight without decreasing men’s muscle mass and toned appearance.

How Does Myoffeine Work?

Myoffeine helps men burn fat while also boosting the body’s muscle mass by providing consumers with a variety of active ingredients. Myoffeine specifically targets its ingredients to benefit men by adding elements such as testosterone, making this drug solely beneficial for male consumers. Specifically, Myoffeine contains active ingredients such as:

  • Arginine
  • Caffeine
  • Catauba
  • Cinnamon
  • Glutamine
  • Synephrine
  • Tribulus terrestis

Myoffeine Ingredients

Myoffeine contains ingredients that are generally found in many diet supplements, however, this particular dosage of ingredients may be harmful to women. Myoffeine’s ingredients should help men boost their muscle mass and burn fat while also enhancing men’s feelings of energy and motivation. For example, the ingredient caffeine has been shown to boost the body’s focus, energy, and metabolism, allowing the body to function more optimally and burn fat more efficiently.

In addition to caffeine, the ingredient synephrine is also said to boost the body’s performance abilities, as this ingredient is derived naturally from a citrus fruit. Synephrine may help the body burn fat more effectively. Other natural ingredients, such as cinnamon, help men experience regulated blood sugar levels, which ultimately also aids in weight loss. By regulating blood sugar levels, the body is less inclined to store dietary foods as body fat, as the body is also more able to regulate energy levels.

Most notably, the ingredient Tribulus terrestris is intended to boost consumers’ testosterone levels. According to a clinical study, this ingredient should help men lose body fat while building more muscle, but research on tribulus terrestris is conflicted, as some studies dispute these claims.

Benefits of Myoffeine

  • Men can burn fat and boost muscle mass
  • Men may experience a more toned and defined physique
  • Myoffeine has not been shown to cause significant side effects
  • Consumers can conveniently purchase Myoffeine online from various sites and distributors

How Much Does Myoffeine Cost?

Consumers can purchase Myoffeine online, although prices and promotions may vary depending upon the online vendor / store site. Generally, a 60 count bottle of Myoffeine costs approximately $20.

Cons of Myoffeine

  • Myoffeine is not intended for women, and may cause harmful side effects in women
  • The specific ingredient amounts of each element in Myoffeine is not listed on the product’s website
  • Myoffeine contains caffeine which may cause undesired side effects such as sleeplessness, nervousness, restlessness, and so forth
  • Myoffeine has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration
  • Myoffeine’s website does not provide a recommended dosage amount, so consumers are not fully informed of how many pills to take each day prior to purchasing the product itself
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