Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro Series

Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro Series

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Yet another offering from the Hydroxycut line, Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro Series appears to be marketed both to those interested in shedding excess weight and getting ripped at the gym. As such, one might assume that the formula is at an intensity suitable for body builders, with plenty of ingredients to rev up the metabolism, increase energy levels and develop lean muscle mass. It does appear that this product is being marketed for just these purposes, with four proprietary blends included in a single supplement.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro Series comes in LiquiTech capsules that gradually increase in dosage over the first week of using. While the formula promises to give you a ripped body, the company does not provide any exercise or strength training advice to enhance the effects of the supplement. There is also no nutritional information to support the use of the supplement through a low-calorie diet.

Despite this omission, Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro Series states that it can help you lose weight up to seven times faster than you would without the supplement.

How does it Work?

Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro Series offers four proprietary blends, including:

  • Epidyne – This complex features caffeine anhydrous, a known stimulant that is used in many weight loss products because of its ability to boost the metabolism. Also included is oleic acid, which may provide some benefit in weight loss and appetite suppression, but the jury is still out on just how effective it might be.
  • HydroxyPro – This blend includes four herbal extracts, including wild olive leaf and wild mint leaf. While the extracts included in this formula do have some healthy benefits, weight loss does not appear to be one of them.
  • Lipidrol – The lipidrol complex includes L-tyrosine and ferulic acid. L-tyrosine is found in some weight loss supplements due to its apparent ability to improve mood and performance. Ferulic acid can help protect the body against some types of diseases, but its effects on weight loss are still under investigation.
  • Capsicore – The only ingredient in this category is capsicum, or cayenne pepper extract. Capsicum is gaining popularity in weight loss products because of its ability to raise the body’s core temperature and boost the metabolism. However, capsicum needs to be administered in rather high doses to have the desired effect.

Pros of Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro Series

  • The product comes from a company well known in the weight loss industry
  • Some of the ingredients have been found to positively impact weight loss
  • The product is readily available from numerous online retailers
  • Ingredients may provide other health benefits in addition to weight loss

Cons of Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro Series

  • Some of the ingredients may cause unpleasant side effects in some users
  • The large amount of stimulants in the formula may not be right for everyone – talk to your doctor before taking
  • The product does not include recommendations for diet or exercise

Tips for Success

  • Drink plenty of water while taking this supplement to prevent dehydration
  • Talk to your doctor before taking, particularly if you are on medication or have a medical condition
  • Implementing a diet and exercise program with the supplement will greatly enhance results
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