Hydroxycut Advanced

Hydroxycut Advanced

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Hydroxycut Advanced is a reformulated weight loss product designed to improve the benefits achieved from the Original Hydroxycut formula. Hydroxycut Advanced is said to be the latest and most powerful fat-loss supplement available without a prescription.

How Does Hydroxycut Advanced Work?

According to manufacturers, the ingredients and benefits of Hydroxycut Advanced have been supported by various sources of research, as reports reveal that, when combined with diet and exercise, consumers can lose more weight than with a placebo. According to reports, Hydroxycut Advanced ingredients include a variety of components that combine to help support dieters striving for weight loss success, some of which include:

  • HCA extract derived from garcinia cambogia
  • Calciuim / Potassium salt

Benefits of Hydroxycut Advanced

  • Increased metabolism, allowing consumers to burn more calories and fat throughout the day
  • Increased energy levels, providing consumers with benefits of stamina, focus, and vigor
  • Decreased food cravings, so dieters are not compelled to overeat or drift from their diet plan
  • Weight loss support, as appetite and food cravings are suppressed
  • Decreased feelings of hunger, as consumers report feeling less signals and signs of hunger
  • Unlike the Original Hydroxycut, Hydroxycut Advanced contains powerful ingredients without the side effects of the formerly popular chemical, ephedra.
  • This ephedra-free version has been designed to provide dieters with advanced weight loss results without dangerous or excessively stimulating side effects, as some consumers of ephedra reportedly experienced

Hydroxycut Advanced Research and Support

According to studies and reports, the primary ingredient of Hydroxycut Advanced, which is HCA, helped dieters lose an average of 10 pounds over the course of 8 weeks. Supporting this weight loss, dieters followed a specific regimen:

  • Dieters consumed the recommended dosage of Hydroxycut Advanced
  • Dieters engaged in at least 30 minutes of walking 5 times a week
  • Dieters adhered to a 2,000 calorie per day diet

Additionally, Hydroxycut Advanced has been designed with the support of the popular fitness institution, MuscleTech’s, technology and research. MuscleTech innovators were involved in the design of the Advanced Hydroxycut formula, as creators assert that the ingredients have been carefully chosen to provide dieters with safe and powerful compounds to foster success.

Manufacturer Claims

According to the manufacturer, some consumers have boasted that the benefits Hydroxycut Advanced exceeded their expectations.

  • According to one consumer, taking Hydroxycut Advanced helped the dieter lose 27 pounds in just 8 weeks. Similar to the study, this dieter also engaged in a diet restriction and fitness program while taking Hydroxycut Advanced.
  • According to the manufacturer, a variety of famous fitness models take Hydroxycut Advanced in order to boost their fat loss while maintaining tight and toned bodies. These famous models include:
    • Brandy Flores
    • Carol Grow
    • Katie Uter

As the manufacturer reports, many fitness models and athletes take Hydroxycut Advanced in order to experience an added edge as they engage in their routine exercise and diet programs.

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