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Force Factor was created by friends and Harvard Crew teammates who were searching for a supplement that would help them endure longer workouts and increase their strength. The pair was on the Harvard championship crew team from 2004 to 2006 and discovered they couldn’t find a product that would naturally and safely, without excess stimulants and caffeine, help increase lean muscle and improve strength and endurance. To fill the void, they developed Force Factor.

Many muscle building supplements come in powdered form and must be mixed with a liquid – and usually taste unsettling. Force Factor comes in a capsule that is easy to swallow, effective and won’t affect your taste buds.

Force Factor has been approved by medical doctors who claim it’s a safe supplement and doesn’t contain harmful stimulants or ingredients that would produce negative side effects in body builders. Many body building supplements cause withdrawal symptoms after you cease use because those supplements artificially stimulated the nervous system. Force Factor does not work this way and causes no negative withdrawal if you stop taking it.

How Does Force Factor Work?

Disclosure: We are paid by Force Factor, which sponsors this website and distributes Force Factor.

The key factors that make Force Factor a force to be reckoned with are:

  • Its Nutrient Delivery System, which improves the absorption of its advanced 3x Nitric Oxide Booster, resulting in increased nitric oxide for sustained periods of time
  • Its ability to naturally increase muscle mass due to Force Factor’s formula rich in amino acids
  • Increased oxygen in the bloodstream, resulting in better focus during workouts and throughout the day

Nitric oxide is an important element because it works to naturally relax muscle cells surrounding blood vessels and widen inner vein walls. When the vein walls widen like this, both oxygen and nutrients are sent to muscles in a greater volume, which helps you workout longer by increasing endurance and also helps you get stronger faster. It also helps you fight fatigue during your workout so that you can maximize your time at the gym.

Force Factor’s amino acids and lack of steroids or stimulants also help you safely increase your strength and endurance so you can build greater muscle mass faster without increasing your workouts drastically. Also, Force Factor helps your muscles recover from the workout faster so that you can increase your reps and weights during subsequent workouts. In addition, the increase in nitric oxide will help remove the acids that cause muscle stiffness and soreness to further increase your endurance for the ultimate workout.

L-Arginine is another Force Factor ingredient that helps increase muscle mass. L-Arginine is a complex protein that helps increase the metabolic process so you can workout longer and get stronger faster.

Pros of Force Factor

  • The supplement comes in pill form instead of a foul-tasting liquid like most muscle-building supplements
  • Force Factor is all-natural and contains no harsh stimulants, steroids or ingredients that cause adverse side effects
  • Increases endurance and strength for more efficient workouts
  • Increases oxygen flow to your muscles for less muscle stress and faster muscle recovery

Cons of Force Factor

  • Some users reported slight side effects including stomach cramps and headaches, although these tended to occur directly after taking Force Factor and went away quickly

Tips for Success

  • Take Force Factor as directed
  • Use Force Factor to enhance your workouts, not as a substitute
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