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CreVax is a weight loss drug designed to provide consumers with natural and effective results. Essentially a Swiss herbal supplement, CreVax has been created to benefit individual’s health, mind, and body.

How Does CreVax Work?

CreVax provides consumers with seven different all-natural ingredients to enhance one’s physical and emotional well-being. These ingredients are intended to provide consumers with specific benefits, such as:

  • Improved weight loss results
  • Decreased feelings of hunger and food cravings
  • Increased ability to burn stored fat
  • Elevation of one’s mood
  • Blocked absorption of fat from dietary sources
  • Increased metabolism
  • May potentially improve one’s skin tone

Adding to these benefits, manufacturers of CreVax assert that consumers can lose up to 21 pounds in just 6 days by following the CreVax plan.

CreVax and All-Natural Ingredients

CreVax contains a variety of all natural ingredients, including:

  • Hoodia Gordoni
  • Green Tea
  • Dan-Shen (Red Sage)
  • Taurine Amino Acid
  • Jiaogulan
  • Wolf Berry Fruit
  • Bao Shao

While each ingredient is intended to provide consumers with benefits, there is tremendous research that supports the specific benefits of both Hoodia Gordonii and Green Tea. In examining Hoodia Gordonii, this ingredient is derived from a cactus-like plant that has been shown to naturally suppress feelings of hunger. Used for thousands of years by the San Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert regions, Hoodia can safely and effectively support weight loss efforts. Additionally, Green Tea has been shown to provide consumers with various thermogenic and antioxidant benefits, as Green Tea boosts the body’s thermogenic process, enabling dieters to burn calories more efficiently. Also, with its antioxidant properties, Green Tea has been shown to eliminate free radicals, which has been presumed to potentially decrease the risk of developing certain cancers.

What Makes CreVax Unique?

In addition to its intended physical and emotional benefits, the manufacturers of CreVax assert that their product has been based on seven years of research and studies. Adding to this, CreVax has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey show, and it was also voted as the #1 diet pill by Garry Kimmel’s diet pill review. Rated as a top drug, manufacturers claim that dieters can lose up to 35 pounds per month when following the CreVax supplement plan. This plan includes the incorporation of daily CreVax supplements paired with a program of both diet and exercise in order to experience amplified benefits. CreVax can be purchased online, as the product costs approximately $70 per bottle; however, prices and discounts may vary.

Cons of CreVax

  • CreVax has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration
  • Side effects and dangers are generally unknown, although the manufacturer asserts that CreVax does not pose any dangers and/or side effects
  • CreVax is relatively expensive, as it costs approximately $70 per bottle
  • CreVax contains caffeine, which may cause various stimulating side effects, such as nervousness, restlessness, sleeplessness, and so forth
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