African Mango

African Mango

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African mango, known by its scientific name of irvingia gabonensis, is a fruit that grows in the African country of Cameroon. This fruit has recently been touted by Dr. Oz and others for its weight loss ability, as well as its assistance in lowering cholesterol levels and enhancing heart health.

The ingredients in the African mango come in capsule form, which make taking this substance as part of a weight loss program fast and easy.

How does it Work?

The African mango contains some key substances that are thought to assist with the weight loss process. The first is high fiber content, found in the fruit itself, which helps the body feel full for longer, which means you eat less. Fiber is also essential to a healthy digestive system and efficient metabolism. Next, the seeds of the African mango, known as dikka nuts, are known to contain high amounts of protein, which contributes to the buildup of lean muscle mass.

The capsules are sold online, and there are a variety of formulas from which to choose. The first supplement contains 300 mg. of irvingia gabonensis, along with green tea extract. While little clinical research has been done on this weight loss supplement, initial evidence suggests that a minimum dosage of 300 mg. is the minimum to see positive results. The other formulas seem to offer similar ingredient lists, with one provided in liquid form rather than capsules.

The extract from the African mango that is thought to have the real weight loss benefit is IGOB131. This substance is what has been tested in clinical trials on humans, with compelling, albeit preliminary, results. When shopping for a weight loss substance containing African mango, look for the amount of IGOB131 in the mix if you want to ensure the best results possible.

Pros of the African Mango Diet Pill

  • Early clinical studies have shown that this supplement may help contribute to weight loss
  • The product has been endorsed by well-known health care professionals
  • When combined with green tea, users may see some thermogenic benefits as well
  • The product is available online for a relatively low price
  • The high fiber content may help reduce hunger pangs for more effective weight loss

Cons of the African Mango Diet Pill

  • Research on the effects of African mango on weight loss is still relatively slim
  • The product website does not offer a money back guarantee on purchases
  • A minimum of 300 mg. daily may be needed to see positive results
  • Some users have reported unpleasant side effects like headaches and sleeplessness

Tips for Success

  • Make sure the African mango formula you choose has a sufficient dosing amount to get results
  • The product works best when combined with a diet and exercise program
  • Weigh the amount of IGOB131 in the formula, rather than the irvingia gabonensis to ensure results
  • Begin with a lower dosage and then increase the amount once you see how your body responds to the substance
  • Always talk to your doctor before taking a supplement of any kind to ensure it doesn’t interact with current medications or medical conditions´╗┐
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