Abdominal Cuts Sport

Abdominal Cuts Sport

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Abdominal Cuts Sport is another weight loss supplement in a long line of similar fat reducing products by Corr-Jensen Labs. This particular formula is specially designed for men – to provide that extra edge at the gym that helps them increase size while keeping pockets of fat at bay.

Abdominal Cuts Sport claims to help boost the natural production of testosterone in a man’s body to help him build a health physique during his regular weight training sessions. At the same time, this product includes fat reducing ingredients to keep the midsection lean and trim.

How does it Work?

Abdominal Cuts Sport includes many of the standard ingredients found in all of the Abdominal Cuts formulas, but adds a few extras of its own as well. Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is found in all the Abdominal Cuts products, due to its ability to help the body break down fatty acids and boost the metabolism. Like the women’s version of Abdominal Cuts, this formula combines CLA with sesamin to enhance the effects of the CLA.

Gamma oryzanol is also included in the Abdominal Cuts Sport formula, due to its perceived ability to boost testosterone levels in men. It is a supplement that is commonly used by athletes and body builders for this purpose. In addition to boosting testosterone levels, gamma oryzanol may also increase the body’s own fat burning ability and improve sexual function. However, the jury is still out on just how effective this ingredient can be in any of these areas.

The final ingredient listed on the Corr-Jensen website is 7-Keto, which is another ingredient that is making its way into a number of weight loss supplements today. This substance has been found to promote muscle growth, which is why it tends to be a popular choice for body builders. Initial evidence also suggests that it might be effective in promoting fat burning within the body as well.

Pros of Abdominal Cuts Sport

  • This weight loss supplement is specifically designed for the unique needs of men
  • Some of the ingredients in the mix have shown promise in initial studies in terms of weight loss
  • The ingredients may provide additional health benefits beyond weight loss
  • The product is available through the manufacturer’s website and online retailers

Cons of Abdominal Cuts Sport

  • Without specific dosing information, it is difficult to ascertain whether there are sufficient amounts of the ingredients to have the desired effect
  • The manufacturer’s website does not provide a complete ingredient list for the formula
  • It does not appear there is a money back guarantee on purchases
  • At around $56 for a one-month supply, this is one of the pricier supplements on the weight loss market today

Tips for Success

  • Talk to your doctor before taking Abdominal Cuts Sport or any weight loss supplement
  • This product is designed to be used in combination with a strength training program
  • Adding a high protein, low sugar diet may enhance weight loss results
  • Always take the recommended dose in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions
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