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7-DFBX is a weight loss product that is advertised as an extreme fat burning pill. This product is only intended to be used for 7 days, as manufacturers claim that dieters will experience quick and significant weight loss results in this short length of time.

How Does 7-DFBX Work?

7-DFBX provides dieters with a variety of weight loss benefits with a combination of its active ingredients. By taking this product, manufacturers assert that the average dieter will lose nearly 9 pounds in just one week, although results will vary depending upon each dieter’s eating and exercise regimen. Ideally, dieters can expect to lose anywhere from 7 to 21 pounds by following the 7-DFBX program. Manufacturers have included a large array of active ingredients and compounds, some of which include:

  • Caffeine Anyhdrous – This ingredient provides consumers with increased energy and focus while combating feelings of fatigue
  • Potassium Gluconate – Potassium Gluconate helps the body to more effectively balance the acid-base and nerve conditions, while also boosting the facilitation of nutrients in the cell membranes
  • Chromium Polynicotinate – Chromium boosts the body’s energy and fat burning processes
  • Psyllium Husk – Consumers often implement Psyllium Husk into their regular dietary regimens, as it has been shown to maintain a regular GI transit and function. Additionally, this ingredient helps lower the body’s cholesterol levels.
  • Oat Bran and Barley Rice Fibers – These ingredients effectively balance blood-lipid levels as they binds with bile to increase and promote excretion processes
  • Apple Pectin – This ingredient acts as an additional soluble fiber that also binds with acids from the bile while promoting excretion
  • Fennel Seed – Fennel seed alleviates gas by expelling it from the bowels and body
  • Glucomannan – Some studies support that glucomannan may promote weight loss as it absorbs water as a soluble fiber, while also helping consumers feel fuller longer
  • Flax seed powder – Flax seed reduces cholesterol, blood pressure, and prevents the formation of plaque in the arteries
  • Dandelion Root – This product is considered to be a tonic cleanser for the liver, as it stimulates and promotes digestive functioning
  • Uva Ursi – This ingredient provides consumers with antimicrobial benefits, while also acting as a diuretic
  • Cranberry – The cranberry ingredients provide consumers with polyphenols, which is a source of antioxidants. Benefits may include improved cardiovascular health, improved immunity functioning, while decreasing risks of cancer
  • Buchu Leaves 4:1 – This ingredient has been traditionally used to reduce pains and ailments of the gastrointestinal and urinary tracts in the body

How Do I Take 7-DFBX?

Consumers can purchase 7-DFBX online, and the product generally costs around $40 per bottle. Dieters should follow the specific consumer instructions, some of which include:

  • Maintain a low-calorie and healthy diet while taking this product
  • Maintain and engage in an exercise program while taking this product
  • Do not take this product for more than 7 days, as serious and adverse side effects may occur
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