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This particular weight loss supplement is rather elusive in its online presence. While there is a product website available for 123 Slim, it does not provide much information about what is in the supplement and why it works. Reviews of the product turned up equally sparse specifics.

Because of the lack of information, it appears that consumers should use extreme caution when considering 123 Slim for their weight loss needs. This review will attempt to piece together what little information is available to determine whether this product can deliver on any of its promises.

How Does 123 Slim Work?

According to the product website, 123 Slim can effectively fight fat, hunger and low energy levels. One can only assume that it does so with the help of an appetite suppressant and thermogenic ingredient that can boost the metabolism so the body can burn fat more efficiently.

The website offers photos of well known celebrities that have supposedly used this product, but only one customer testimonial is posted. The website also states that the ingredients in the formula have been touted through many media sources, but it doesn’t say what the ingredients are or provide links to the articles mentioned. It appears that the formula does include the following two ingredients:

Green Tea – This is a common ingredient in many weight loss supplements because of its effectiveness in boosting the metabolism. In addition to its thermogenic abilities, green tea is high in antioxidants, which provide a host of other health benefits. Some initial studies have also shown that green tea may play a role in regulating blood sugar, which could help control cravings that threaten to sabotage diets. However, without specifics, it is impossible to know whether there are sufficient amounts of green tea in 123 Slim to produce the desired result.

Hoodia Gordonii – There is also reference to this ingredient on the product website. Hoodia gordonii is a cactus like plant that grows in the desert regions of South Africa. The natives of the area have used this plant for centuries as a natural appetite suppressant, eating it on long hunting expeditions to maintain their strength and ward off hunger. The concern with hoodia is that is has not been successfully grown in many areas besides its native region. This means the substance is in relatively short supply. Consumers should always look for a certification of authenticity when purchasing hoodia-based weight loss supplements to ensure they are getting real hoodia in their product. There does not appear to be any certification available for 123 Slim.

While these two ingredients show promise in many weight loss supplements, this product does not provide specifics about how much of the ingredients are used and whether they are authentic. In addition, consumers are not told if there are other ingredients in the formula. This is a concern, since some substances can cause allergic reactions or simply be completely ineffective in helping dieters achieve weight loss goals.

Benefits of 123 Slim

  • The product appears to contain green tea, which is a proven thermogenic ingredient
  • 123 Slim may also contain hoodia, an effective appetite suppressant
  • The product website does offer a satisfaction guarantee on purchases

Cons of 123 Slim

  • A complete ingredient list is not provided on the product website
  • The website also does not offer clinical trials or many customer testimonials
  • The aggressive marketing approach is a red flag for consumers
  • The “free” trial offer is actually a sign-up for an auto shipment program
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