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Dancing with the Stars is a popular reality dance competition that highlights celebrities as they show off their dancing skills with a professional partner. Airing on the ABC Network, celebrity competitors not only learn new dancing techniques, but also receive added benefits of weight loss and improved physiques.

Celebrity Testimonials

Many of the celebrity competitors rave of their weight loss results, while some have continued on after the show to promote and market specific weight loss and nutrition programs. Marie Osmond, for example, is one former Dancing with the Stars competitor who advocates for the weight loss program “Nutri-System.” Paired with diet and healthy eating, celebrity competitors report that dancing helps boost weight loss and fitness.

Dancing and Fitness

As the celebrity competitors engage in rigorous dancing practice sessions and performances, the cardio activity leads to often dramatically noticeable weight loss results. As the show highlights couple, group, and individual dancing routines, celebrity competitors receive a variety of cardiovascular benefits. Added to this, in order to maintain proper dancing form and movement, many dancing competitors boast of overall improved body wellness, as engaging in dancing demands individuals to maintain physical requirements such as:

  • Keeping the head held up high
  • Holding shoulders back
  • Pulling the ribcage in
  • Utilizing various leg muscles for footwork
  • Engaging core muscles for lifts and other various movements
  • Utilizing arm muscles for various dancing techniques and exchanges

Benefits of Dancing for Fitness

Dancing provides participants with a variety of cardiovascular benefits, such as:

  • Weight loss and/or weight maintenance
  • Improved muscle definition and tone
  • Leaner muscle appearance in women
  • Improved body composition
  • Improved self-confidence and esteem
  • Improved physical and personal awareness
  • Improved fat to muscle ratio in the body
  • Overall improved physical appearance
  • The opportunity to communicate and interact with a partner
  • Dancing is a lifestyle choice, not a fad or short term exercise plan

Dancing with the Stars DVD

To extend the weight loss benefits of Dancing with the Stars to viewers at home, Dancing with the Stars has developed both a DVD for fitness, in addition to a fitness program for Nintendo Wii. The at-home programs guide viewers through various dance and cardio moves, as the professional dancers highlighted on the shown teach a variety popular routines and steps such as:

  • The Cha-cha
  • The Samba
  • The Paso Doble
  • The Jive

How to Lose Weight with Dancing with the Stars

Individuals interested in engaging in dancing in order to receive weight loss benefits can take classes at a local studio or fitness center. Or, for a more affordable option, dieters can purchase the Dancing with the Stars DVD or Nintendo Wii programs. While prices may vary, the general costs are:

  • The Dancing with the Stars Cardio DVD costs approximately $11
  • The Dancing with the Stars Nintendo Wii costs approximately $40 (plus the cost of the Wii gaming system)

Cons of Dancing with the Stars

  • Viewers are not provided with specific nutrition or food information
  • The celebrity competitors who promote specific diet plans are often paid by the diet company to advertise and speak of the products
  • A plan of healthy eating and diet must also be adopted in order to receive maximum weight loss benefits from dancing
  • Dancing with the Stars does not inform viewers of specific weight loss techniques that celebrities incorporated into their fitness regimens, such as food journaling, meal substitutions, and so forth
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