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Fastin is a prescription pill designed to provide consumers with weight loss support and results. Originally, prior to its reformulation, Fastin once contained an appetite suppressing ingredient known as phentermine. As consumers and the Food and Drug Administration learned of phentermine’s potential side effects, Fastin was removed from the market in order to be revamped. Today, Fastin is phentermine free, and it is now available for dieters to purchase and consume without a prescription.

How Does Fastin Work?

Instead of its original active ingredient, phentermine, the reformulated version of Fastin contains 37.5 grams of ß-methyl-phenethylamine. This ingredient is an alkaloid and monoamine; it has been theorized to function as a neurotransmitter in the brain, as phenethylamine is intended to suppress feelings of hunger. Also found naturally in many commonly consumed foods, such as chocolate, phenethylamine may provide consumers with stimulating effects that result in increased energy and focus.

Fastin has been developed to support dieters on a short term basis, as creators of Fastin assert that their drug will help dieters adopt healthier eating and exercise habits. Essentially, Fastin is only helpful for dieters during the first few weeks of use, as the product eventually becomes ineffective after a short period of time. Yet as manufacturers assert, by changing lifestyle habits and adopting a program of diet and exercise, dieters may be able to engage in a longer weight loss plan after the first few weeks of taking Fastin is complete.

How Do I Take Fastin?

Dieters can purchase Fastin online, although prices and promotions may vary. Generally, Fastin costs approximately $90 for a one month supply. During this month, dieters should take two Fastin pills each day in order to experience results.

Benefits of Fastin

  • Provides consumers with increased energy
  • Provides consumers with additional diet and weight loss support
  • Fastin is intended to help foster an overall healthier lifestyle of diet and exercise
  • No longer contains the potentially harmful ingredient, phentermine

Cons of Fastin

  • Fastin has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration
  • Fastin only works for a short period of time
  • Some consumers report that the Fastin product did not help them adopt healthier eating and exercise habits
  • Some consumers report that in order to experience results, Fastin needed to be paired with a program of diet and exercise, leading some dieters to feel that the product was not wholly effective
  • There are a lack of clinical trials and studies reporting the claims and advertised benefits of Fastin
  • Side effects and implications of taking Fastin are generally unknown
  • Fastin may interfere with prescription medications, and should not be consumed by individuals with various serious health conditions, such as diabetes or cardiovascular issues
  • Individuals who are under 18 and/or who are nursing and/or pregnant should not take Fastin
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